Welcome to core_site

Welcome to core_site

core_site is my base website offering for small websites. Ready to go with everything you need to get up and running on a good solid WordPress website, without the big outlay to build it.

You will get a fully functional WordPress website, which you can expand with extra content and features as needed.

Setting up the site couldn’t be easier:

  1. Purchase a core_site subscription on my online shop
  2. Complete the core_site wizard which will ask you to name the site, choose your colours, and upload your logo.
  3. Wait for the email with your link to begin editing your content.


You’ll choose your web domain name – the system will check if this domain is available for purchase. Around 20 mins after completing the wizard you will get a mail with a link to your website’s temporary link, ready to edit. Usually within 24hrs the domain name you chose will be linked to your site and you’ll get a notification.

Baked right into the WordPress dashboard are links to video tutorials from me on everything from changing your password, to adding and editing your first pages. Need more? Request a video tutorial from me on a specific item you’re struggling with, or just chat to me via phone, WhatsApp, or Skype.

Your website will be hosted on my super-fast custom server at xneelo (formerly Hetzner Africa), and updates and patches will be carried out by me automatically.

Choose your Edition

Right now, core_site comes in 2 flavours – Business, and Sports Club.
core_site Business Edition

Business Edition

Perfect for small businesses - this core_site comes ready with sections applicable to a business, like a 'meet the team' page, section for your services / products, and contact forms and all that jazz.

core_site Sports Edition

Sports Club Edition

This edition is geared for running, cycling, and athletics, as seen in Modern Athlete. Forms for joining your club, sections for upcoming races, as well as the basics.


Pre-built sections ready

core_site comes ready with sections suited to your organisation, so you can quickly edit what's there, add some of your own info, and it's ready to go.


Easy-to-use gallery page ready to go.

Fast and Simple

Super-fast and easy setup and purchase process.
1-page wizard to get started.

Real WordPress

Fully-functional WordPress site. Not a lame half-baked, featureless version.


Video help guides and tutorials available right on your dashboard.
Email, phone, whatsapp and skype support also available.

Fast Secure Web Hosting

Optimised and fast web server means quick loading times on your website.

SEO Optimised

SEO tools enabled and set up
for you.

Constantly Evolving

New features and themes will be added to the system and made available to you.


Sure thing. In fact… you’re looking at one right now! I built my online shop using the core_site product, and then just added an online shop feature on top of that.
But here is a link to a clean, unedited demo site – this is exactly what you’d get when you buy:


Your monthly core_site fee of R350 covers the website hosting, access to your core_site as well as me maintaining the server and the core_site service, carrying out security patches and plugin updates each month, and providing support and new tutorial videos.
Email me if you’d like to discuss emails, there are various options for this, but not all of them are included in this cost.

Yes! If you want to buy a theme – or already have bought a theme – from themeforest or something and you want to use it, you can. Just email me the files and i’ll install it for you.

Just a word of caution – some of those themes are really not well made.
If you want to buy a theme, and you’ll like an opinion on whether it seems ok, email me and we can chat.


You can have as many pages and as many sections as you like! You can easily add new pages to the site yourself.

The core_site Business Edition comes with pre-installed with sections that you will find useful – page about your business, your team, products / services, news, gallery, and contact form.

I can set up emails for you, either using Xneelo’s servers, or Google G-Suite for business, which is more costly but is highly recommended. This will be an extra monthly cost though.

That’s no problem, i can help with getting it linked up to your new core_site. Just tick the “i already own my domain name” checkbox on the wizard and i will be in touch to assist you.

Unfortunately, the subscription model can only work sustainably if you stay on board. So if you decide to cancel your core_site subscription, you will lose access to your website.

Nope, sorry. In order to make this product affordable and sustainable, i need to have full control of the environment so that i can control and automate the site and server management.